Laundries are one of those spaces in our homes that we just can’t avoid spending time in. They are not the most fun, but time in there can be made easier by having what we need right where we need it. It takes some sorting and sometimes some storage solutions, but it can make a world of difference. Here are some ways you can make your laundry work for you.

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Start with pen and paper.

Before you start pulling your laundry apart and then realising that you don’t know where to put anything, start with pen and paper. Go in to your laundry and make a list of what you use most often and another list of what annoys you about the space. Take a moment to map out what would make the space easier to use and possibly make your time in there shorter. For me it was that I was lacking shelving and everything was in an untidy pile that needed sifting through every time I wanted something.

Decide on a budget, if any.

When I gave the laundry a makeover I needed to spend some money on shelving and some baskets. I also painted them, but without the paint it cost less than $20 plus my time. The budget doesn’t have to be a large one. Maybe you need a high shelf for the washing powder and dryer sheet packets? Or maybe you just need to move things around.

Make a plan.

Decide what is going where and buy any of the things you need to to make your laundry function better. Mine is also storage for things that some might keep in a garden shed, but it’s what works for us. Write it down and go shopping for what you need. Once you’ve got what you need, it’s time to get to work.

Get the job done.

Start by removing anything that you’re throwing away. Once that’s out of the way, you can see what needs a home in the laundry. Give everything a wipe down with a cleaning cloth and install any shelves or storage that needs to be added to the room. Then place the laundry items back in the room where they will work most efficiently for you. This might need some tweaking as you get used to it, but I found that my laundry runs much smoother even after 10 months.

Do a last minute tidy and admire your work.

Do one last clean up of the space and put any tools you might have used away. This will make the space feel nice and neat. Then take a look at your hard work before having a cup of tea and a little sit on the couch.

Big room changes can feel overwhelming, but I’ve found that doing one room at a time and really getting it done from start to finish makes the changes last. Where as when I do them in fits and starts the mess never really goes away. Just one room done right, especially one you have to spend time in, can make your mood feel a whole lot happier when you go in there.

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